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The ability to speak confidently is so important in business.  If you are delivering a sales pitch, or you are speaking at a networking event speaking confidently is a must.  Speaking confidently will open up more doors both in business and personally.


You don't have to be.  Imagine you are having to deliver a best man's speech at a wedding.  Imagine you are having to speak to a large group of friends.  Being able to speak confidently will help you in many different ways.

The problem is most people wait for the wrong time before they learn about how to speak confidently.  Normally a situation will come up (such as having to deliver a best man's speech) and only then will the person learn how to speak with confidence.  Unfortunately at this point it is too late.  The best way is to learn these techniques now so that you are prepared when the situation does arise.


This course is taught by The Motivational Queen, Zoe Bennett.  She is a professional speaker that gets booked throughout the UK to speak about business and networking.

In this course she goes through a 4 step plan that will take you from where you are now to being a successful speaker.  You will be amazed having  watched Zoe how quickly your speaking will improve.

Confidence Expert

Zoe Bennett

The Motivational Queen - Zoe BennettZoe Bennett MA has a Masters in Tourism Management and has previously worked within the tourism Industry for 16 years, with a vast amount of knowledge. Zoe then went on to work for the government of Jamaica promoting Jamaica to the UK market within the UK. In her first few months in this post she was nominated for the TTG Supplier Sales Agent of the Year award 2005.Zoe owns her own corporate training company specialising in customer service training, focusing on “being fun, interactive, engaging and being nice to one another and exceeding the customer expectation”. Zoe provides confidence building workshops. She also provides motivational talks to under privileged young adults and twins it with goal setting.Zoe was awarded The Most Influential Business Woman 2016 – West Midlands by Acquisition International as well as being awarded Human Excellency Award from United Nations of International Relations.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Speaking Vs Being A Speaker

    • Speaking Vs Being A Speaker

  • 2

    Creating Content

    • Creating Content

  • 3


    • Visibility

  • 4

    How To Speak Confidently

    • How To Speak Confidently