Course Description


If you decide to recruit a member of staff for your business you need to make sure they are the correct fit for your business.  This course goes through how you can ensure that the people applying for your position are the type of people you want working for you!


There are lots of things to consider.  Where do you advertise?  How much should you spend on advertising?  Should you use an agency or do it yourself?  How do your follow up with people that are interested in the position?


Your instructor in this module is our recruitment expert Sarah Bishop.  She has spent most of her life recruiting and runs one of the largest recruitment companies in the UK.  She will guide you through the entire process so that at the end of the course you will know exactly how to attract the right type of people.

Recruitment Expert

Sarah Bishop

Sarah Bishop has nearly 30 years business development and recruitment experience.  The last 20 years focused in the recruitment market.  Sarah has worked with SME, global corporate, and public sector, clients across a multitude of industry sectors.  She has delivered and managed recruitment projects that have included volume recruitment for large scale projects, down to helping one-person operations take on their first employees.After 13 years’ working with a regional agency that grew from less than £10M to £100M+ turnover during her employ (not solely her doing!), she left a pressured Corporate Sales role (with a fat salary and fast car) to experience the uncertainty and exhilaration of starting her own recruitment agency in 2009, with business partner Karen Eyke.  There is not much that Sarah has not experienced in recruitment terms.  She is here to help you avoid the pitfalls of poor recruiting and learn how to build teams that will help you grow your business and reach your goals.A keen student of human nature and behaviour, Sarah is still filled with wonder at the capacity of our fellow planet-dwellers to amuse, amaze, frustrate and surprise her.  While still very fond of people, she mostly prefers her cockerpoo and other animals. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Where To Advertise

    • Where To Advertise

  • 2

    Writing The Copy

    • Writing The Copy

  • 3

    Acting Upon Responses

    • Acting Upon Responses