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Podcasting is huge.  There are literally millions of podcasts that are produced weekly.  They cover every subject you can imagine.  No matter what you are interested in there is a podcast for that subject.  Podcasts are free to listen to and can be downloaded from a variety of different places


There are a number of reasons as a business owner you should start your own podcast.  Firstly it is a great source of social proof.  It makes you look like an expert in your industry.  It's a great way to get more eyes on your product or service.  You can put podcasts on high ranking websites with links back to your website which is a great thing to do to improve your SEO.  Bottom line, podcasting is something you should be doing.


Our Podcasting Expert Kirk Pickstone will teach you everything you need to know.  How to edit a podcast, how to upload it, where to put it.  He even goes into podcasting strategies.  Bottom line after watching this course there is no reason why you shouldn't be starting your own podcast ASAP

Podcast Expert

Kirk Pickstone

Podcast Pioneer - Kirk PickstoneKirk Started his corporate career right at the bottom order picking for Kelloggs but soon found an ability and skill for leading teams, solving problems and getting the best out of any operation / business he worked with. Working both in the UK and in Benelux on various implementations of new operations and as a trouble shooter for those not hitting the desired results. For Business such as TNT, CEVA , CEMEX DHL and Dairy Crest to name a few.Along the way there is a trail of training and qualifications backing up years of experience and achievement. These range from and Internal MBA developed and delivered by Stanford University in California to a Masters Degree in Global Entrepreneurship, at the age of 44 from Coventry University. Kirk has 2 successful businesses he manages with his wife and co director Sandra, these companies have been operating since 2010.Now that all sounds very corporate but when you meet Kirk he’s far from being corporate, instead giving a more simplistic and fun way of approaching things in a manner that is understood by people. He will say being dyslexic has been the key to success, enabling a different way of looking at the world and its problems both inside and outside of the business environment.

Course curriculum

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    The Basics of Podcasting and Using Sound Cloud

    • The Basics of Podcasting and Using Sound Cloud

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    Advanced Podcasting Technique

    • Advanced Podcasting Technique