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A lot of people think that Networking is all about going to meetings and chatting to people.  And yes there is an element of that.  However to really get your networking working you need to know what to do outside the meeting.  It's what happens outside the meeting that separates the men from the boys (or the women from the girls!).


Well a lot to be honest which is why we have a complete training course all about it.  The key thing is following up.  You see people that you meet might not buy from you straight away but if you follow up and build a relationship with these people they will eventually become customers.  It's all about knowing how to do this is a non intrusive way.


Your guide in this course is our Networking Expert Michele Ibbs.  She goes through everything you need to know to make sure that your networking is highly effective.  Let's be honest if you are paying to network you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to be successful.  Right?

Networking Expert

Michele Ibbs

The Networking Queen - Michele IbbsMichele has been known as “The Networking Queen” for some years now. Having first started networking back in 2007 when she founded I’m Your P.A., Michele networks nationally with 4 Networking and BoB Club.Previously Michele has worked as and Area Director with BNI and a team member of the Property Investors Network. Networking is an art Michele has a real passion for, when used correctly networking can give a massive return on investment. Networking should be fun, it is net WORK not net-sit or net-eat and effort has to be put in to it to build those all important profitable relationships.Michele loves to share contacts, support fellow networkers and teach those all important networking skills that have helped her to develop I’m Your P.A. If you need support in developing your network, why not take a read of some of Michele’s articles – or even drop her a line or a call. A chat with The Networking Queen could make a massive difference in your networking experience

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    Having 1 2 1's

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    Social Media

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    Thank You's

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