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Zapier is probably the closest thing you will find to real magic!  Basically it allows you to connect up two online apps without the need for expensive coding.  In fact Zapier is very reasonably price considering everything it can do.


Lets say for example you get feedback from customers.   You can have your email system connected to Facebook so that automatically every time someone leaves positive feedback Zapier posts it on Facebook.  In this example Zapier would connect Facebook to your email.

Imagine everytime an order comes in it automatically generates an invoice in your accounting software.  Or everytime someone makes an appointment with you it emails the person a confirmation and puts it on your calendar.  

Basically whatever you can imagine Zapier can do it with ease.


In this training course Craig Petty will teach you everything you need to know about using the platform.  He will go through which apps work and which don't.  He will go through the difference between an action app and a trigger app and how to make a Zap.  Finally he will share some Zapier strategies to help you sky rocket your business.


Craig Petty

Craig Petty - Motivational MagicianIn a very short period of time Craig has become one of the top speakers in the business world. During the last year he has keynoted twice at the largest business show in Europe as well as keynoting at Rolls Royce, The Business Networking Show and Pathway To Grow.Craig is known as the UK's Number One Motivational Magician. He is passionate about helping business owners succeed. Watching Craig speak is an experience you will never forget.Craig combines magic, business tips and motivational life stories into one package. He is always high energy and interactive and one thing is for sure, if you are in the audience watching Craig, you will get involved. Not only that, you will leave inspired, fired up and ready to take on the world.

Course curriculum

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    Introduction To Zapier

    • Introduction To Zapier

  • 2

    How It Works / Making A Zap

    • How It Works / Making A Zap

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    • Conclusion