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How to use Instagram in your business to raise your profile and generate leads | taught by Mark Northall
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Mark  Northall
Mark Northall
Social Media Expert

About the Instructor

Mark Northall - Social Media Specialist

Mark Northall is a Social Media Manager Trainer and Strategist based in Tamworth Staffordshire. He has been advising businesses and individuals on digital marketing for over 10 years initially as part of a team of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers in the Black Country and for the last 7 years as a business owner in his own right.

Image result for mark northallMark’s company Dauben Group has trained companies’ sales teams onsite as well as holding regular training sessions across the Midlands. He is also Regional Leader for 4Networking a national business networking organisation looking after 17 groups from Stafford to Worcester. At weekends he can be found at motorcycle speedway tracks across Europe and announcing at Buxton Speedway in Derbyshire.


Instagram is a social media platform that is specifically about sharing pictures and images.  You can also share videos but these can only be one minute in length,  Instagram is becoming more and more popular and now a lot of businesses use Instagram to engage with their customers.

If you are a business owner and you market to the type of people that might use Instagram then it's a must to be on there as well.


Well firstly Instagram is owned by Facebook.  It means that it integrates very well with your Facebook account.  You can even get your Instagram notifications through Facebook.

However it is very easy to use.  If you have a product or service that is visual in nature being on Instagram is a great idea.  Not least of all because there is a very good chance your competition is on there.


Mark Northall will guide you through everything you need to know to start to use Instagram within your business.  He goes through strategies for getting more followers as well as engagement and regraming.

If you ever wondered what Instagram was all about this training course is for you

Course Contents

5 Videos

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Instagram
Instagram Settings
Navigating Instagram
Content & Hashtags
Gaining Followers & Engagement