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Infusionsoft is a powerful CRM and Marketing Platform that can literally sky rocket your digital marketing strategies | taught by Craig Petty
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Craig Petty
Craig Petty

About the Instructor

Craig Petty - Motivational Magician

In a very short period of time Craig has become one of the top speakers in the business world. During the last year he has keynoted twice at the largest business show in Europe as well as keynoting at Rolls Royce, The Business Networking Show and Pathway To Grow.

Image result for craig pettyCraig is known as the UK's Number One Motivational Magician. He is passionate about helping business owners succeed. Watching Craig speak is an experience you will never forget.

Craig combines magic, business tips and motivational life stories into one package. He is always high energy and interactive and one thing is for sure, if you are in the audience watching Craig, you will get involved. Not only that, you will leave inspired, fired up and ready to take on the world.


Infusionsoft is a powerful CRM and marketing platform that will allow you to automate marketing campaigns, keep track of clients through every step of the sales process and even take payments for products and services.

Used correctly Infusionsoft can literally replace a member of staff in your business.  Whatever you want to accomplish in your business Infusionsoft can make it happen


A lot of business owners perceive Infusionsoft to be a difficult platform to use.   In fact a lot of  industry experts refer to it as Confusionsoft.  Many business owners try out the system, spend a small fortune on it and then never use it.

However, it isn't that difficult to use.  In fact it's quite simple once you learn to navigate your way around.  In fact the Campaign Builder makes creating automated marketing campaigns quick and simple.  The problem is most Infusionsoft users don't know where to go to get help learning what to do.


In this course Craig Petty will teach you everything he knows about Infusionsoft.  To be clear not many people know as much about Infusionsoft as Craig.  He will show you how to set up campaigns, how to use the campaign builder, custom fields, tags.  Basically everything you need to make sure that when you take on Infusionsoft you make it work.

Course Contents

9 Videos