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Simply put client retention means keeping the clients that you have got.  Let's face it you have spent time and energy and money getting those clients  in the first place that last thing you want to do is lose them.  Unfortunately its something a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs don't think about.  They put all their time and energy into getting new customers and forget about keeping the old ones.


Yes!  If you want to maximise your profits then you need to make sure that when you win a client they stick around.  That way when you generate new business its adding to the turnover instead of replacing the turnover that you have lost because of clients leaving


Doug D'Aubrey is a marketing and sales machine!  He is also an expert at client retention strategies.  He will be sharing with you everything he knows on the subject.  By the time he has finished with you it's unlikely you will ever lose a client again.

Growth Expert

Doug D'Aubrey

Doug D'Aubrey Started in Management Consulting after many years in Senior Management with International Companies. Doug has been consulting for over 16 years after leaving Burns International Security Services, Part of the Borg Warner Group. The Borg Warner Group included companies like Wells Fargo Armoured, Wells Fargo Guarding and Pony Express to name a few. In the Mid 90’s as Borg Warner Protective Services PLC they were trading at over $8 billion annual turnover.In January 1996 Doug took over the running of the Midlands region of Burns International Security. It was failing, unprofitable, turning over £800,000 per annum. Within 6 months Doug had started turning it around and brought it back to break even and by the end of 1999 it was turning over £5 million per annum.Doug is the founder and Managing Director of Executive Training and Consultancy Limited. Since starting his business in Management Consulting, Doug has worked with over 100 different companies from project work to full 3-year company growth programmes, in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Deliver a Good Service or a Good Product

    • Deliver a Good Service or a Good Product

  • 3

    Your Attitude Towards Clients

    • Your Attitude Towards Clients

  • 4

    Quality Of Service

    • Quality Of Service

  • 5

    Attention To Detail

    • Attention To Detail

  • 6

    WOW Factor

    • WOW Factor

  • 7

    Buying Loyalty

    • Buying Loyalty