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As part of your marketing you will produce a lot of copy. How good that copy is determines how effective your marketing is. In this course Martin Warrilow goes through simple copywriting techniques that will get your business noticed.

Journalism Expert

Martin Warrillow

Martin Warrillow - The WarriorMartin started his professional career working in local journalism for 14 years, on the Tamworth Herald and the Sutton Coldfield Observer. After finishing working for the Observer, Martin worked for 17 years on the sports desk of the Birmingham Post. From 2010-13, Martin became a freelance journalist. During these years he spent a lot of time ghostwriting books and blogs. As well as this Martin was an editor for the British Naturism magazine. In December 2013 Martin tragically suffered a from a stroke which ended his long and successful career. However Martin turned this negative in a positive and now shares the story of his stroke and speaks and writes about stroke-awareness and the dangers of work-stress.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why Is It Important?

    • Why Is It Important?

  • 2

    Where Is It Useful?

    • Where Is It Useful?

  • 3

    Getting Ideas

    • Getting Ideas

  • 4

    Legal Ramifications

    • Legal Ramifications

  • 5

    Best Practice

    • Best Practice

  • 6


    • Conclusion