Course Description


Stress is something that happens to all business owners and entrepreneurs at some point.  It normally occurs when you are over worked and generally can lead to serious problems both from a health and business point of view


Quite a lot actually however it involves you changing your mindset.  Croz Crossley is a Mindset Technician.  He specialises in teaching people how to relax more and yet be more productive.  


You will learn about how the brain works and why we do what we do.  You will then learn how to create a Clear Mental Image that will help you to focus and achieve more.  Finally you will learn about the binary system which is a revolutionary way of looking at how you make decisions.

Mindset Expert

Croz Crossley

At 43 years old Croz went broke, as in really broke and he became stressed and made himself sick with worry. He discovered that you cannot make good decisions when you are stressed. Because of the situation he found himself in he looked everywhere for a solution to his problem, then one day some one told him to read a little known book written in 1910 and that little book changed everything. That book contained information that gave him the tools to turn things around.The way that things changed in his life he attributed to the things he had read in that book and he started teaching others how they too could change things in their life. After 25 years of teaching and studying self development he is convinced that he has created a guaranteed 3 step formula to create the life you want, whether that be relationships, business or generating wealth.The way that Croz teaches and imparts this information is both humorous and entertaining, but the core message is really very profound and powerful. If you are serious about changing things in your life, make sure you check out Uncle Croz and start your transformation today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Developing A Clear Mental Image

    • Developing A Clear Mental Image

  • 2

    Why We Do What We Do

    • Why We Do What We Do

  • 3

    How Our Brain Works

    • How Our Brain Works

  • 4

    The Binary System

    • The Binary System

  • 5


    • Conclusion