Course Description


Wix is an online platform that allows you to create your own websites with ease.  It offers pre made templates which you can use to create a website within minutes.   It also offers a range of tools with which you can change your site and adapt it to your own needs.  The key thing is Wix is very easy to use.


Wordpress is great, in fact we have a training course on Maximise Success all about Wordpress.  The problem is Wordpress is a lot more difficult to use.  Wix is very easy and you will pick it up a lot quicker.  There are things that you cannot do with Wix that you can do with Wordpress.  However if you are wanting a simple website without spending forever learning about every aspect of the platform Wix is the best option for you.


Our Wix Website expert is Anna Leeds and she will be your guide throughout this training course.  Anna will actually build a website from scratch as you watch meaning that you see how to do everything.  She even goes into SEO and how to get your website ranked on Google. 

Wix Expert

Anna Leeds

Anna Leeds - Website WizardAnna started off her career as a performer and has appeared multiple times on prime time TV and won numerous awards. Anna received glowing reviews for her shows and was described by the Stage Newspaper as “The Speciality Act of the Decade”As well as being a wife and mother to two beautiful daughters she is also a successful business woman and is currently a director of four profitable companies.Anna specialises in digital marketing and web design and became a Wix Professional in 2014.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Wix

    • Introduction to Wix

  • 2

    Setting Up Your Wix Account

    • Setting Up Your Wix Account

  • 3

    Editing Headers & Footers

    • Editing Headers & Footers

  • 4

    Editing The Home Page

    • Editing The Home Page

  • 5

    Adding a Video & Gallery Page

    • Adding a Video & Gallery Page

  • 6

    Creating Other Pages

    • Creating Other Pages

  • 7

    Publishing Your Website

    • Publishing Your Website

  • 8

    Enabling SEO

    • Enabling SEO

  • 9

    Using A Blank Canvas

    • Using A Blank Canvas

  • 10

    Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

    • Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

  • 11

    Other Tips & Tricks

    • Other Tips & Tricks