Become A Sales Demon

Becoming good at sales is vitally important to any business whatever your industry. In this course Craig explains a very easy system that will allow you to become a Sales Demon | taught by Craig Petty
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Vincent de Almeida

Just what I needed to get started on sales

Information is concise and easy to understand - my whole perspective on sales has changed

Vincent de Almeida

Information is concise and easy to understand - my whole perspective on sales has changed

Craig Petty
Craig Petty

About the instructor

Craig Petty - Motivational Magician

In a very short period of time Craig has become one of the top speakers in the business world. During the last year he has keynoted twice at the largest business show in Europe as well as keynoting at Rolls Royce, The Business Networking Show and Pathway To Grow.

Image result for craig pettyCraig is known as the UK's Number One Motivational Magician. He is passionate about helping business owners succeed. Watching Craig speak is an experience you will never forget.

Craig combines magic, business tips and motivational life stories into one package. He is always high energy and interactive and one thing is for sure, if you are in the audience watching Craig, you will get involved. Not only that, you will leave inspired, fired up and ready to take on the world.


Craig's background was in sales.  He was the number one salesman in NPower for two years in a row.  He also trained all the sales people for NPower and Virgin.  Craig teaches all the sales team in his office his own personal techniques to increase conversions.  For the first time Craig is teaching these techniques to others.


Being able to sell is the life blood of any successful business.  You can have the best systems in place.   You can have an amazing marketing plan that generates thousands of leads.  However if you cannot turn these leads into customers then you have no business.  The ability to sell will massively increase turnover and profits within your business.


You will learn the five impulse factors needed to impulse people to buy your products.  You will learn about the impulse curve which shows you the perfect time to ask people for the sale.  You will learn how to close.  You will learn how to turn negatives and overcome objectives.  Finally you will learn the attitude a good sales person must have.   In short you will learn everything you need to become a sales demon

Course Contents

4 Videos

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Sales
Learning The Impulse Factors
Turning Negatives & Closing
Having a Winning Attitude