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When you think about avatars you probably think about bright blu men from the movies.  However constructing an avatar for your business is really important.  It basically means finding out who you perfect customer is and where to find them.


A lot of business owners think that everyone is their customer.  However that is not the case.  When you are marketing your product or service its really important to be specific with your marketing activities.  If you are not specific you will get limited results.  Knowing your customer avatar allows you to be very specific.


Taz Thornton is our visibility expert.  She has mastered the art of knowing your audience and your customer avatar.  In this course she goes through exactly what you need to do within your business to get the same results.

Visibility Expert

Taz Thornton

Taz Thornton delivers motivational speaking like never before. She’s been there, done it and seen it in ways that will make you change your view of the world and want to do better.As a high-flying corporate director, she appeared to have the world in her palm – nobody could see her crumbling beneath the pinstripes. She rebuilt after breaking her back at 21, then fought back after the breakdown at 33 that saw her seeking wisdom from shamans and medicine people, as well as using every tool in her NLP and coaching toolkit to reconstruct her life.That breakDOWN turned out to be Taz’s breakTHROUGH, and she’s now impacting people far and wide as the UK’s #1 Inspirational Breakthrough Speaker.Taz gets people speaking honestly like you’ve never known – her unique blend of ‘tribal’ communication tools learned from shamanic cultures, NLP skills and years in top-line management means she can get right to the issues holding you and your company back. Workforce not communicating effectively? Production too slow? Too many ‘personality clashes’? Low energy office? Get ready to get right to the heart of the challenges and get ready for change!

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    How To Identify Your Audience & Customer Avatar

    • How To Identify Your Audience & Customer Avatar